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“Selling my house to Smart Fox Investment was surprisingly easy and convenient. They answered all of my questions and paid all of the closing costs. ” 

—  Leslie, Ontario

Chris Prieto

Chris inherited a property from his aunt that still had a pending mortgage. He tried selling the house but, after meeting with a Real Estate Agent. he soon realized the amount of repairs he would need to make just to put it on the market was unrealistic. Facing the real possibility of losing it to foreclosure, he called us for help.


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Leticia Aceves

Worked hard all of her life to achieve the American dream. She raised 4 kids and bought a house. But, when her children moved out, suddenly the house was to big for her.  She did not want to deal with a long process, so she called us for help.

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Smart Fox Investment was super professional.  They held my hand  through the process from start to finish. I couldn't ask for more.

Tiffany, Los Angeles

Smart Fox bought my mothers house last year. I would used them again.

Ray Lee, Los Angeles

I inherited my grandparents old house and Smart Fox bought it  and paid for the whole process.

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